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New Year Fireworks at Brighton 31.12.2023

New Year’s Eve Fireworks on Brighton Jetty

Here are some photos from the first (kids) fireworks that were displayed at Brighton above the Jetty where residents and visitors of Adelaide, South Australia, gathered along the shoreline to witness a breathtaking night show. This annual event has become a cherished tradition, drawing crowds of all ages eager to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one in style. Continue reading

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Christams Tree, Victoria Square, Adelaide

Christmas Tree on Victoria Square in Adelaide City

I decided to test my new lens by walking around Victoria Square and taking a few pictures of the Christmas Tree and its surroundings. I spent there quite some time waiting for people to go but it was not really possible. Despite such a late time, there were still a few so I couldn’t avoid them. Here is a gallery with a few pics.

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First Post

This website mostly represents South Australia, which became home for me since 2012. There are also some photos from other Australian states and territories but not that many. I like to go for a walk with my camera and take some photos around.

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